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Performance Composites provides reliable wind turbine blade repair, inspection, and consulting services. We are the blade and composite experts with a dedicated group of experienced engineers and technicians focused on quality. We are advocates for turbine owners and operators and we will help you develop cost-effective solutions to maintain your blades for a 20+ year life. Using our advanced and competent blade technicians, we can perform a range of complex and non-complex repairs to win turbine blades. From simple fill and paint for minor gel-coat damages to far more advanced blade repair service and inspections (all categories).

blade repair

Blade inspection

Laminate damage

Leading edge erosion

Open leading & trailing edge

Lightning damage



we repair it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Therefore, better quality can be achieved. We have various repair experiences and submit a report to the client when the repair is complete. Complex forms of repair seek smart ways through discussions with clients about repair methods.




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